Mission and Values

Philosophy of Ministry

Mission: Why do we exist?

N.A.C. exists to produce Great Commandment, Great Commission followers of Jesus Christ[i].

Vision: What do we hope to accomplish?

We envision working as teams to minister and preach the Gospel to lost families here and around the world.

Points of emphasis in vision:

1)     Team: We believe that the Bible presents a team model for team ministry for the followers of Jesus[ii]. We think team work gives our message viability and credibility. An absence of “togetherness” undercuts our witness and ultimately our effectiveness in the long-term. We also believe we learn and grow best in community[iii].

2)     Lost People: We believe the Bible teaches that people who do not know Christ, matter to the Lord[iv]. We think that resources such as facility and staff should not be seen as belonging to the church but something to be shared with the community.

3)     Families: We believe that ministry is best done with the whole family unit in mind. We are not individual Christians trying to reach individual lost people[v]. No person is an island to themselves. We are a family of followers of Jesus trying to reach families who are not followers of Jesus.

Values: What do we think is necessary in accomplishing our mission and achieving our vision.

We value prayer as our first strategy for achieving our mission.

We value reaching lost people above our own personal interest and preferences. Lost families are as important as the church family.

We value teams as the primary vehicle for ministry to be done through. Teamwork is more important than efficiency and other outward measures of productivity.

We value the spiritual disciplines as a means of communing with our Lord. The spiritual vitality given by God through the disciplines is to flow from the believer to the community and vice versa. Our spiritual health is seen as mutually influencing.

We value the call of the church to be engaged in its local (Jerusalem) regional (Samaria), and global mission (ends of the earth) to make Jesus known[vi].

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